How Karen Lauter Utgoff Consulting Helps...

Organizations come to Karen for help with significant growth opportunities and market-related challenges. She is always excited to discuss how market-oriented approaches, tools, and techniques can help an organization enter new markets, develop new products, accelerate new venture creation, or go-to-market for the first time.

Please take a moment to look over the following examples of Karen’s work and how she helps clients achieve their goals. Client names are not used on this web site. For references or other information, contact Karen at 413.253.7108 or by email.

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Increase innovation and entrepreneurship

Collaborated with university faculty and leaders to stimulate interest in technology commercialization, cultivate research-based startups and spinouts, and strengthen the innovation ecosystem.

  • Designed and implemented training programs and workshops with emphasis on market-oriented approaches for successful startup creation and effective venture development.
  • Introduced market and customer-oriented issues as well as funding sources, team building, campus resources, and intellectual property.
  • Engaged potential innovators (students and faculty) through 90-minute briefings, half-day workshops, a two-day working session, small grants, mentoring, competitions and more.

This multi-year effort helped to increase the rate of startup formation.

Service areas: Technology commercialization, new venture development, market and customer exploration.

Modes of delivery: Consulting, programs and workshops, mentoring and strategic advice.

To discuss ways to increase innovation and entrepreneurial activity in your organization, contact Karen at 413.253.7108 or by email.

Strengthen the new product development process

Facilitated the design and execution of customer testing to support development and launch of a well-established company’s new product in an existing niche market.

  • Adapted customer exploration techniques from the startup world to enable product and service development informed by customer needs and constraints.
  • Extracted key insights to support definition of the commercial product.

The project provided evidence used to make critical customer-based product development and pricing policy decisions that contributed to the success of the new product.

Service areas: Market and customer exploration, entrepreneurial marketing, technology commercialization.

Modes of delivery: Consulting, mentoring and strategic advice.

Contact Karen at 413.253.7108 or by email to discuss how market-oriented tools and techniques can support the development of your new product.

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Expand capabilities to grow a research organization

Joined with the founding team of a young research institute to secure external funding, engage industry, and establish initial marketing and business development functions.

  • Provided new venture planning and entrepreneurial marketing to help the management team pursue growth opportunities.
  • Designed and developed internal grant programs, the business case for external funding, and initial marketing communications tools.

Project outcomes included significant additional external funding.

Service areas: New venture development, technology commercialization, entrepreneurial marketing.

Modes of delivery: Consulting, programs and workshops.

To discuss innovative approaches to support your research organization’s outreach and industry engagement efforts, contact Karen at 413.253.7108 or by email.

Build a foundation for small business growth

Collaborated with a colleague to develop and deliver a multi-week, growth-oriented training program encompassing operational and market-oriented perspectives. The program enabled participating owners and their teams to assess their businesses in new ways, enhance capabilities, and focus on specific growth opportunities.

  • Presented the public version of this program to a diverse group of small businesses. The program was subsidized by a small business support organization using state government funding.
  • Adapted the program for owner and key managers of a small business as an internal training program to systematically explore their lines of business and growth options while developing a shared knowledge base, vocabulary, and toolkit for future work.

Participant insights included identification of gaps and overlaps in customer creation processes that were slowing the sales cycle, impeding product/service fulfillment, and delaying revenue realization.

Service areas: Market and customer exploration, entrepreneurial marketing, new venture development.

Modes of delivery: Programs and workshops, mentoring and strategic advice.

This program can be customized to meet the needs of a single small business, clients of business support organizations, or members of industry organization. Please contact Karen at 413.253.7108 or by email for more information.

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Enable new venture success

Trained top management of a small company in entrepreneurial marketing and sales from a market-oriented perspective. Karen was engaged by a business incubation organization to provide a single training session to support early marketing and sales efforts of a young company.

  • Customized training for a young business that needed to navigate a complex market ecosystem with significant obstacles to closing sales.
  • Introduced a market-oriented perspective to inspire and motivate a new approach to sales and marketing.

During the training the company was able to identify gaps that were inhibiting product adoption. Based on these insights, the company took actions that resulted in significant increases in the customer-base and revenue.

Service areas: Entrepreneurial marketing.

Modes of delivery: Programs and workshops.

To learn more about customizing standalone workshops and programs designed to address specific needs for a small business, clients of business support organizations, or members of an industry organization, please contact Karen at 413.253.7108 or by email for more information.